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Your View - Course Description

Adobe Audition is one of the leading applications that professional sound engineers use to master the audio for radio, commercials, video and eLearning. The classes we offer are specific to equiping you with the specific knowledge of how to use the tools to make your eLearning projects sound the best that they can be.

We often hear from clients that they wish they knew how to add music behind a voice, make someone sound like they were coming through a phone, or enrich their voice to remove noise. Our Adobe Audition for eLearning classes take you through the process of recording quality audio for use in your eLearning presentations. Many of the eLearning development applications like Adobe Captvate and Articulate Storyline include tools for recording narration; however, in many cases the quality of the audio is not as dynamic as you would like. Let Room435 show you how to create the professional sound you are looking for!

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Lesson Objectives

Skills You Will Learn

Our classes are structured to allow you to build content that you can start using for your projects right away. This is why we say it is Your Room and Your View.

  • Tour of the application to learn key features.
  • Audio hardware setup options and microphone suggestions.
  • Your recording environment.
  • Recording your voice and examining the quality and levels.
  • Apply noise reduction and volume adjustments
  • Recording in waveform versus multitrack.
  • Best practices for recording narration.
  • Editing techniques to cut, delete and assemble your final file.
  • Automate exporting longer narration into multiple files for use on individual slides.
  • Blend voice track with a music track.
  • Standard mastering effects for creating the professional sound.
  • Record a customer service scenario using sound effects.
  • Demonstration of automatic speech alignment that will blow your mind!
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Online Live@435 Schedule

Experience our 2 day Adobe Audition for eLearning training with our pro on Live@435 online!

July 19 - 20, 2016

Course Duration: Tue - Wed
Class Time: 10 am - 4 pm US EST
Cost: $750

Oct 18 - 19, 2016

Course Duration: Tue - Wed
Class Time: 10 am - 4 pm US EST
Cost: $750


Recorded Online Training

Our pros are currently in the studios at Room435 recording the courses in the Adobe Audition for eLearning training series. We will be notifying our customers through email and social media as soon as a new title is released. Use the form field below to sign up for our newletter or follow us on social media to stay informed.

Once all of the topics for Adobe Audition for eLearning are complete you will be able to purchase the collection as one large course or purchase individual topics à la carte . Each course begins with a few complimentary videos to help you learn more about the course before you decide to purchase.

In the real world approach we take with our courses, you can choose to use your own design resources or the ones we provide you with.

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