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The Talent at Room435

Recording studio quality audio for a presentation presents many challenges for eLearning developers. Audio is such an important element of your multimedia presentations. The quality of the audio is an equal partner with visual design of a presentation in determining whether the overall user experience is a positive one. At Room435 we have professionally trained VO artists available to record your narration for you. Our artists are also available for on-camera jobs as well. Meet our talented team and take a look at the pricing options that are available from your studio.

Your Voice Artists are Ready to Record

Let us introduce you to your voice over artists who are ready to start working on your projects!

  • Michelle Janson

Michelle Janson
Director and Voice Over Artist

In addition to being a professional voice over artist, Michelle has a Ph.D in Psychology and works as a professional counselor in the education industry. Over the years she's had the opportunity to work in the U.S. and globally behind the mic as well as in front of the camera. With her in depth knowledge of human emotion and vocal talents, she is highly skilled in being able to identify the sound you are looking for and will help you find the best Room435 voice over artists for Your View.

Listen to Michelle
  • Clarissa Lester-Kenty

Clarissa Kenty
Voice Over Artist

Clarissa was crowned Miss Black USA in 1990 and went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications with emphasis on broadcast and public relations. She is licensed through the FCC and has 28 years of broadcasting experience including over 10 years of television experience. Clarissa is also a motivational speaker life coach, and a seasoned training and development consultant. She specializes in customer service/work ethic workshops along with campaign development and implementation.

Listen to Clarissa
  • Catherine Steele

Catherine Steele
Voice Over Artist

Catherine is a seasoned broadcast veteran of radio and television, as well as a singer, songwriter and musician. She has more than two decades experience as a radio on-air talent and over a decade of experience as a documentary style reporter and is highly skilled in creating the expression you are looking for. In addition to lending her amazing voice skills to commercials, documentaries and eLearning projects, she is also co-founder of Musician's Mission of Mercy, a non-profit bringing relief to the hungry.

Listen to Catherine
  • Christine Meer

Christine Meer
Voice Over Artist

Christine uses her knowledge as a professional speech-language pathologist along with her understanding of the voice and all parts of speech not only in her medical career but in her voice over career as well. She has a warm, upbeat, and friendly sound and would love to work on your commercial, narration or eLearning projects! We would also like to add that Christine has extensive experience as on camera talent and modeling.

Listen to Christine
  • Mike Lenz

Mike Lenz
Voice Over Artist

Mike is a professional with over 10 years voicing experience working with clients on eLearning projects, corporate and web-based videos, audio books, course books, and commercials. Mike's background as a Pharmacist and partner in a Wellness Compounding Pharmacy is very helpful for clients with medical narration needs. He hosts his own voice over podcast and also has extensive on-camera experience as the host of a local TV talk show.

Listen to Mike
  • Amy Frazer

Amy Frazer
Voice Over Artist

Amy has been working as a professional voice over artist for many years and can voice your projects in both English and Spanish. She has a variety of accents that she can use at your direction. Amy works hard for her client behind the microphone or in front of the camera and is dedicated to making sure the feelings you are looking for are expressed in your commercial, public service announcement, narration, and eLearning projects.

Listen to Amy
  • Mark Hooper

Mark Hooper
CEO & Voice Over Artist

Mark grew up in recording studios and performing on stage and now has over 30 years of professional experience in the multimedia industry. Traveling globally, he trains designers, develops content which includes recording and editing the audio and video for all of the Room435 online eLearning training resources. Mark is thrilled to be providing these resources to eLearning developers that include lending our voices to your content.

Listen to Mark
  • Isaac Janson

Isaac Janson
Voice Over Artist

Isaac began to learn to use his voical talents at the age of 10 and continued to develop them through college as a sports announcer, emcee and DJ. Now as a biomedical research scientist, Isaac investigates and delivers presentations on therapies for a multitude of diseases. The combination of voice over skills and understanding of and comfort with scientific terminology makes Isaac an obvious choice to voice your next project!.

Listen to Isaac


When you have all of your scripts ready to be recorded, our per-completed-minute plan is the best option. From a few minutes to multiple hours, this plan makes it easy to plan and stick to a budget.

Depending on the length of your scripts, the cost of this option typically starts at $18/minute(USD) for the first 10 minutes and then progresses down to as low as $15/minute(USD) when you have over an hour of material.

Long Term Retainer

Are you working on multiple projects that are going to take several months and need to be able to work with a voice artist long term? Let us provide you with a quote to put a voice artist on retainer for a specific number of months.

Every job is unique and our customer's satisfaction is our top priority. We evaluate and quote each job on an individual basis with a goal to provide you with high quality voice over services from trusted professionals. Let's start the conversation!

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