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Your ‘Home Room’ for eLearning Training and Resources

Your ‘Home Room’ for eLearning Training and Resources

The summer is coming to an end and the kids are heading back to school. I remember waiting to get a letter in the mail from my school that told me my home room assignment for the year. I would get so excited that I couldn’t wait to call all my friends. Would we be in the same home room? Would I be meeting new lifelong friends for the first time?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Hooper and I want to invite you to join me and other e-Learning professionals inside Room 435. We want to be Your Home Room for:

  • e-Learning Content Development
  • Professional Training
  • Template Design
  • Original Music
  • A Library of Resources
  • Voice-over Services
  • And more!

What makes Room 435 different? It is all about YOU! Be an active participant in the development of the training and resources we are developing for you. That’s why we are sending you this message. As a professional in the multimedia and e-Learning development industry, we value Your Views!

Now you know why our tagline is “Your Room! Your View!”

So who are the other ‘cool kids’ that are going to be in our home room with us?

Launch My Room 435 to begin your training.

I’ve met some amazingly talented professionals in my 30+ years in the industry who agree that knowledge is truly powerful when it is shared. We are joining together and want to officially announce the launching ofRoom 435.

Unlock the door with us. Register for live Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate training. New live classes for other applications are being scheduled. We are also recording self-paced training modules that will be available 24/7.

Unlock Room 435

Our design team can’t wait to show you the templates and resources we are working on. These templates are not just backgrounds and layouts. They arefully customizable and include scripting, interactions, animations, how-to videos, and discussion panels to connect with our designers and others like you who are using the templates.

At this point in the process we need to hear from you! The next newsletter will share how you can get involved in the design and functionality of our templates. If you have some great suggestions that you can’t wait to tell us about…share Your Views now!

Room 435 is also available on social media outlets. Follow us using the links below and get tips and announcements about training, templates, and resources right away!

We are all excited to meet you inside your new home room. OK, you can go ahead and call all your friends. Tell them they are invited to join us inside Room 435, too.

Mark Hooper
CEO & Creative Director

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About the Author

Mark Hooper

Mark Hooper has close to 30 years of professional experience in the multimedia and eLearning industries. Room 435 was started from his passion that training should provide you with a resource that you can start using right away. In addition to training, Room 435 provides a studio full of media professionals producing content available to assist you in the development of your projects. Your Room! Your View!


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