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Welcome to Room435
Bringing Your Ideas to Reality

Our services allow you to explore your creative ideas while we work with you
to create your content using the leading development tools in the e-Learning industry.

Content Development
Build It With You

Whether you need us to help you develop your eLearning courses or design your branded templates, Room435 is your studio. Let us help you build your branded presentations.

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Library of Resources
Designed for You

Our initial offerings include templates for Articulate Storyline that include interactions, our original music and sample voice overs. Exciting plans for additional resources are in the works!

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Voice Over
Recorded for You

Recording studio quality audio for a presentation presents many challenges for eLearning developers. Let us take the pressure off! Send us your script and we'll have one of our voice over artists record it for you.

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Professional Training
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The classes in Room435 are developed with the client's needs as our primary objective. Our courses available online, live online and onsite. Visit our training portal and start learning right now! Our online courses include free sample chapters!

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Original Music
Written for You

The icing on the cake of a beautiful visual design is amazing audio design. Room435 is honored to provide royalty free music packs written specifically for eLearning developers. We can even write and record something just for you!

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Continued Development
Listening to You

The most important service Room435 can provide to our clients is to listen. All of our resources have been developed from hearing about the challenges you face and working to help find the solutions.

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Your Expectations
Bringing Dreams Into Reality

Do you find yourself in need of learning a new skill or sharpening your toolset? Have you been looking for resources that would help you become productive as soon as possible with training, templates, games, and media files? At Room435, we have all been in that position and have dedicated our services to allow for a transfer of knowledge that will allow you to take what you have learned and become productive immediately with valuable resources and a community of developers (just like you) ready to support and grow with you. The following chart will give you a general idea of how our services typically break down.

With Room435, you will be given the opportunity to create or purchase branded resources for your company. Your choice!

Learning in a Community of Developers


Building Interactions with Logic


Creating Your Branding and Templates


Mastering Audio and Video




Why We Should Be
Your Resource

How we build a relationship of trust with our clients.

We're Creative
And So Are You

With us as your resource, you will be designing e-learning projects right away that are branded, engaging, and effective.

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We're On Our Way
Bring the Studio to You

Many of our clients have us come and spend time with their team to provide onsite development, training, and consulting services.

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We're Available
Online Resources When You Need Them

Our online professional development community, eLearning games, original music, customized templates and more are available whenever you need them.

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We're Professional
Building a Community of Devlopers Worldwide

Based in New York, we strive to stay abreast of the latest developments in the media design industry and will keep you informed through live online events in our professional eLearning developer community.

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Your Team is in the Studio

Interdisciplinary, skilled and ready to serve you. Start working with us today!

  • JT Hooper

JT Hooper
Director of Media Development

At Room435, our media development services are under the leadership of JT Hooper. With a fine arts degree in digital film and video production as well as experience on the sets of film, television, and music video projects, he looks forward to sharing his talents in the production of Your Projects.

  • Jacob Hooper

Jacob Hooper
Director of Resource Development

Your projects are in good hands when under the direction of a talented educational material developer like Jacob. In addition to being one of our lead instructional designers, Jacob oversees the production of projects and development of Room435 e-learning templates, games, training, and coordinating translations services.

  • Michelle Janson

Michelle Janson
Director of Voice Services

In addition to being a professional voice over artist, Michelle has a Ph.D in Psychology and works as a professional counselor in the education industry. She is highly skilled in being able to identify the sound you are looking for and will help you find the best Room435 voice over artists for Your View.

  • Lisa Carper

Lisa Carper
Senior Instructional Designer

A project manager and leader, Lisa brings more than two decades of experience in Continuing Legal Education to the Room435 team. With a degree in English and certifications in Lean Management and Records Management, she brings the creative flair to develop your story balanced the logic and grammar to deliver top notch results.

Clarissa Kenty
Live Media Consultant

Clarissa was crowned Miss Black USA in 1990 and went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications with emphasis on broadcast and public relations. She is licensed through the FCC and has 28 years of broadcasting experience including over 10 years of television experience.

  • Mark Hooper

Mark Hooper
CEO & Creative Director

Mark has over 30 years of experience in the media industry in both the government and public sectors. Traveling globally, he trains designers, develops content, and provides consulting services for other eLearning professionals. Room435 was started from Mark's passion that knowledge should be shared.

We're Inspired
By Our Clients

At Room435 we believe that knowledge is the most powerful when it is shared. How do we know how to do what we do? Because others believed in us and allowed us to both learn from them and contribute our ideas to the final product. The end results were always better!

Our courses are designed with this kind of relationship with you. Many of the techniques you will learn are a direct result of ideas and questions raised in the classroom. We want to hear from you as well! You see, at Room435 it really is Your Room! Your View!


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The Desire to Create is One of the Deepest Yearnings of the Human Soul


Go confidently in the direction of Your Dreams. Live the life You Have Imagined.


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  • Our Pro Works with Your Team
  • Designed to Your Specifications
  • Complies with Your Branding
  • Developed to Accessibility Standards
  • Includes Professional Voiceover Options
  • *Hourly rates are based on the services provided and length of contract.



  • For Professional eLearning Developers
  • Knowledge Shared by Our Pros
  • Receive Discounts for Your Resources
  • Unlimited Access 24/7
  • Discover Solutions to Your Challenges
  • Real World Examples From Our Projects


Resource$/dependent *

  • Training
  • eLearning Games
  • Music Packages
  • Storyline Templates
  • *Amount based on product. All resources are developed in-house.

It's time to get started! Open the door to watch Your View become reality!


This is now the third time I've worked with Room435 and the service they
provide is amazing.
Thank you guys!

Jack Smith

Jacquie Mastropietro

I love Room435. Absolutely amazing results and experience creating my project file.
An environment where you interact with
incredible talent!

Jacquie Mastropietro

Lisa Carper

I've been extremely impressed with the highly creative and innovative team at Room 435.
Each time I come back, I am more and more impressed!

Lisa Carper - LexisNexis

Toshi Shibano

The eLearning design team at Room 435 did a great job leading me through the process of creating my first online course. They are responsive, patient, and insightful. I will be back for more training and development with my future courses!

Toshi Shibano, PhD - Executive Financial Literacy

World Brands Are Some Of
Our Satisfied Clients

Our growing list of amazing customers. We look forward to adding you!

Chief Collision Technology
Vehicle Service Group
Rotary Lifts
Dover Corporation
FirstGroup America
Lexis Nexis
Executive Financial Literacy
Maria Katsamanis
Trial Guides
The Accredo Agency


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